June 2016

The Magic of Alano Club

There are many routes to recovery, whether you’re addicted to narcotics, alcohol, or any other kind of psychological manifestation. The routes are numerous – one can enter detox, NA, CA, AA, but there is something that all of these organizations have in common, which is a general support system. Sometimes having family isn’t enough for addicts to get better – at times, the best treatment can be as simple as surrounding yourself with like minded people that not only want to have a positive, supportive environment, but also feel extremely comfortable due to the fact that they have all gone through the same experience. This experience is the devastating effects drugs, alcohol, or any other life-damaging behavior can create not only on the person using the substance, but loved ones around them as well.

Alano Club is essentially an amalgamation of what all these organizations have in common, which is a general support system that hosts educational classes and regular recovery groups as well as meetings that are not only flexible, but incredibly effective. Alano Club is known for having a high success rate, mainly because of its different approach to recovery. As mentioned earlier, the common denominator that all successful support groups have is the general feeling of togetherness as well as a positively welcoming environment – only with these two factors can the most important element, which is trust, be accepted by any addict trying to get better.

Alano Club utilizes these key traits through a casual, yet systematic approach. Most of it is done at a facility that provides fun recreational activities, social gatherings as well as nights that encourage bringing family and friends into the mix, intertwining both compartmentalized parts of the addict’s life so that the stigmatization of shame is drastically lessened. As mentioned earlier, all one truly needs to get better is a positive environment and the right as well as ability to trust those around them.

The Alano Club also happens to be a non-profit organization owned solely by the members that have funded the institution with their own funds as well as donations and online retail sales. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – call today and change your life.