March 2015

As always, the office has been a hive of activity. This month, our focus was on cleaning up the Clubs directory and we are a-buzz with excitement! We’ve spent many nights and many days adding new entries and improving the information we had for those entries already collected. The result? The directory is now a comprehensive list of Alano Clubs located throughout North America, complete with contact information and websites you can visit where ever possible.

The Laughter and Learning Corner
There was a group of AA members driving to a conference in a distant city. About halfway there, they stopped for a coffee break. The restaurant was near a botanical garden, and they decided to walk around there to stretch their legs before going on. As they admired the beautiful beds of flowers, a sweet little old women approached them and asked, “Are you members of the Wild Life Society?”
“No ma’am”.. answered one. “We used to be, but then we joined AA”

Did You Know: The Origin of the Use OF The Serenity Prayer by AA
According to the AAWS book “AA Comes of Age” the use of the prayer in AA began in 1942 when a New York member named Jack saw it used in a New York Herald Tribune obituary. He brought it to the newly created GSO office in Manhattan. According to Bill W.’s recollection “Never had we seen so much A.A. in so few words.”
Then someone suggested that the prayer be included in all of the GSO’s outgoing mail. They contacted a printer in the fellowship in DC by the name of Henry S. and he printed 500 copies for free.
Bill recalled that “With amazing speed, the Serenity Prayer came into general use and took its place alongside our two other favorites, the Lord’s Prayer and the Prayer of St. Francis.”
As the fellowship has grown less inclined toward the Christian faith use the fairly “non-Biblical” Serenity Prayer has grown to surpass the other two prayers and become the standard prayer in AA.